Development of the Soléo Organics sunscreen formula began in 2005 to offer consumer an alternative to common synthetic sunscreens. The product has been innovatively formulated according to Naturopathic principles without the use of any chemical UV-absorbers, titanium dioxide, or synthetic preservatives.

all-natural skin care solution

Soléo Organics All Natural Sunscreen is an all-natural, organically produced skin care solution. Designed as an alternative to common synthetics based sunscreens.

major advancement in technology

Created in Australia, Soléo is a major advancement in sun care technology for it is water resistant, neutrally scented, has a low skin irritation factor, and contains natural, organic ingredients.

innovatively designed

Soléo is an innovatively designed to protect from both UV-A and UV-B solar radiation, while providing natural moisturising care for your skin. Fortified with botanical extracts that are natural and organic.


Soléo Organics is environmentally friendly from its packaging to its contents. The Soléo packaging material and container vessel are made from 100% recyclable material. The contents of Soléo are 100% all natural and biodegradable.

About US

Promote organic and natural lifestyles and give consumers access to natural, organic sun care products.


To promote organic and natural lifestyles and give consumers access to natural, organic sun care products.


To provide high quality, world class skin care using all-natural and organic ingredients, in order to offer consumers an effective alternative to chemical-based products.

Who We Are

The Skin Elements formulas are a unique combination of cutting edge science with all natural ingredients. Our highly skilled team of Naturopaths and Formulating Chemists has spent many years working with natural ingredients and testing formulas to deliver the final Skin Elements product range.
• Naturopathically Based
• Committed to using natural, high quality ingredients
• 100% Australian made

Key ingredients are specially selected based on scientific research. Skin Elements choose not to use any of the following: parabens or any other synthetic preservatives, chemical UV-absorbers, petrochemicals, mineral oils, artificial fragrances or colours, synthetics surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate, genetically modified ingredients or ingredients containing synthetics by-products.

Skin Elements has developed three brands – Elizabeth Jane Natural Cosmetics, Soléo Organics Sunscreen and Natralox.

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    highly skilled team

OUR Sponsored TEAM

Soléo Pro Team includes:
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Claire Bevilacqua

Professional Surfer
Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Claire has become a highly regarded professional surfer.
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Simon Wichtermann

Professional Kitesurfer
Perth based Simon Witchtermann continually proves to be highly skilled in the awesome revolutionairy sport Kitesurfing.
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Megan Monroy

Endurance Athlete
Born and raised in Southern California, Megan is a natural beach/ water baby at heart. From an early age she was encouraged to always “do her very best” and that is exactly what she set out to do; driven to excel in everything she does.
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Jackson Close

Professional Longboard Surfer
Jackson Close is a prominent Australian surfer and dominant character amongst the surfing community. His specialty being longboards, Jackson has attained several notable achievements.


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Mr Peter Malone

Executive Chairman
Mr Malone has over 30 years’ experience in global financial markets and has been responsible for raising AUD$100m+ for technology development companies.

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Mr Luke Martino

Independent Non-Executive Director
Luke Martino is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the Australian Institute of Company Directors, having worked for over 20 years with major accounting firms…

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Mr David Humann

Independent Non-Executive Director
Mr Humann is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a Fellow of CPA Australia and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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