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All Natural, Chemical Free

Organic Protection for the Whole Family

- Chemical Free
- Hypoallergenic
- Suitable for the Whole Family

Soléo Organics sunscreens are not only free of the "nasties" like sulphates, parabens and petroleum, they are completely chemical free. Each ingredient is chosen carefully, all our sunscreens are hypoallergenic and suitable for babies, pregnant women and even those with extremely sensitive skin. Also suitable for daily use right across the year, helping you worry less and engage more.


Cutting Edge, Broad Spectrum

Supporting Your Skin

- Broad Spectrum Protection
- Natural Moisturiser
- Rubs in Clear
- Non-Comedogenic

Soléo Organics sunscreen is broad spectrum, designed with a patented non-whitening clear (micronized, non-nano) zinc oxide to reflect both UVA and UVB radiation. Full of botanical extracts and anti-oxidants, our sunscreen does more than just give you all round protection from the harmful rays of the sun, it fortifies, moisturises and takes care of your skin.

Environmentally Friendly

Protecting the Planet

- Recyclable & Biodegradable
- Reef & Ocean Friendly
- Cruelty Free

Soléo Organics is environmentally friendly from its packaging to its contents. Our packaging material and container vessel are all made up of recyclable material. The sunscreen itself is natural, biodegradable and also reef friendly, protecting you and the planet.


Broad Spectrum Protection

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Best Value


Everyday Extra-Lite Natural Sunscreen

From $27.95

5 reviews

Daily UV protection and skin support. Keep yourself and your family covered.

- Everyday Use

- Non-Oily & Non-Greasy

- Fast Absorbing

- Non-Comedogenic


Under Makeup


Natural Face Moisturising Sunscreen

From $44.95 $31.46

3 reviews

Sunscreen and moisturiser in one. Better still, you can wear it under makeup.

- Wear it under makeup

- Non-Oily & Non-Greasy

- Very Fast Absorbing

- Non-Comedogenic

- Rubs in Clear


In The Water


High Performance Natural Sunscreen

From $30.95

9 reviews

Highly water resistant natural sunscreen. Versatile and suitable for use every day.

- Very High Water Resistance

- High Protection

- Multi-Award Winning

- Highly Versatile

- Everyday Use

- Non-Comedogenic

Out of Stock

For the Beach


Coconut Performance Sunscreen

From $31.95

2 reviews

Highly water resistant, naturally coconut scented for a sense of tropical paradise.

- Very High Water Resistance

- High Protection

- Multi Award Winning

- Highly Versatile

- Everyday Use

- Non-Comedogenic

- Naturally Coconut Scented

Out of Stock

Everyday Coconut


Everyday Extra-Lite Natural Sunscreen (Coconut)

From $28.95

Daily UV protection and skin support with a Natural Coconut scent.

- Everyday Use

- Non-Oily & Non-Greasy

- Fast Absorbing

- Non-Comedogenic

- Naturally Coconut Scented




  • Where can I buy Soléo organics sunscreen?

    • You can buy Soléo Organics right here online. You can visit either our main store at or our Soleo specific website Alternatively if you are prefer buying from a brick and mortar store, we have a wide distribution network, you can get our products in pharmacies and health food stores supplied by various distributors across all of Australia.

  • Is Soleo Organics sunscreen suitable for babies?

    • Soléo Organics is free of all chemical UV-absorbers, synthetic preservatives, petroleum by-products, fragrances or essential oils. Therefore, it so is ideal for people with sensitive skin and has no specific restrictions on use at any age. Of course, it is always best to keep babies out of the sun as much as possible and it is generally recommended to check with your doctor regarding any new products for babies under 6 months old. However, for times when that isn’t possible, we feel can proudly say our sunscreen is suitable for your whole family. We also recommend for the first time you use it, to try a test patch on your baby – this is good to do with any new product that you use on your baby, just to be cautious. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has ranked Soléo Organic All Natural Sunscreen as the #1 sunscreen for all ages.

  • Is your organic sunscreen non-comedogenic?

    • Yes, all of Soléo Organics sunscreens are non-comedogenic and suitable for use every day. The properties of sunscreens that make them block the pores of the skin normally come from synthetic and chemical ingredients.

  • Are your organic products vegan?

    • All of our sunscreens formulated to suit your daily needs are vegan. These include Everyday Extra-lite and its coconut variation as well as our Face sunscreen. However, our water resistant sunscreens (High performance -original and High performance – coconut) do contain beeswax.

  • Where is Soléo Organics manufactured?

    • Soléo Organics sunscreens are manufactured exclusively in Australia, making them 100% Australian born and bred products.

  • Is Soléo all Organic?

    • Yes, Soléo Organics sunscreens are 100% natural and organic with no chemical or synthetic additives. Even our scented sunscreens use the natural extracts from coconut to provide the fragrance.

  • Is organic sunscreen better for you?

    • Choosing organic sunscreens is a sustainable lifestyle decision that comes with numerous benefits. In addition to contributing to overall skin health, using completely natural and organic ingredients in our sunscreens assures that there are no unwanted side-effects like rashes, irritation, redness and flare ups common for various skin conditions. Organic is not only gentle on your skin but is also kind on your environment.

  • Is organic sunscreen as effective as chemical?

    • Yes, organic sunscreen works just as effectively as chemical sunscreen, only the method differs. Organic sunscreen is otherwise known as physical or mineral sunscreen, in our case using zinc oxide to provide a barrier to the UV rays causing them to reflect off the skin. In comparison, a chemical sunscreen uses chemicals to absorb the UV radiation instead. Both methods can be just as effective as each other. A benefit of our sunscreen is that it is as effective on UVA rays (that cause aging) as it is on UVB rays that cause sunburn.

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What's Different About Soléo?

Soléo Organics has gone above and beyond to ensure all our sunscreens are natural and suitable for use every day by everyone.

Our Range
We present you a range of natural sunscreens for your every need, any situation. Our range includes If you are looking for highly water resistant sunscreens, for water sports, the beach, swimming and general use, check out the High Performance range. But if you want something lighter Everyday sunscreens for daily use in activities not involving water, everything from sports to picnics to shopping, our Everyday sunscreens are the way to go. These are also popular for cosmetic use in preventing damage to the skin (photoaging) by Ultraviolet A radiation. Our Face moisturising sunscreen not only comes with all the other benefits of Soléo , but also includes additional moisturising and anti-aging properties while being made extra fast absorbing so it can be worn under makeup.

A Higher Standard
We take an honest approach to sunscreen, rather than modifying our products to fit with the social norms we seek a higher standard. Our sunscreens are all SPF30, despite the push by brands to abuse the lack of awareness around SPF50 products. To find out why we chose SPF30 you can read our article on the SPF Ratings.
In addition we work hard to prevent any form of damage from our products on the environment, that includes recyclable packaging, a biodegradable, animal cruelty free formula, and still keeping it reef, ocean and freshwater friendly.

Why We Do It
Did you know Australia has one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world and that in Australia skin cancer is a leading cause of death. Unfortunately in Australia, despite the famous slip slop slap campaign, sunscreen use is often misunderstood. People incorrectly believe that if they are not being burned that they are safe, due to the lack of awareness around UVA rays. UVA rays which are both more constant and heavier in summer months.

The simple solution is to swap to organic sun care products. With the new proprietary zinc technology Soléo has developed, our sunscreen doesn’t just feel better on the skin, it is also absorbed quickly and invisibly when applied correctly. Allowing it a place in everyone's daily routine. Being entirely organic, our sunscreen is also suitable for babies and pregnant women. In fact mums and bubs have been our most loyal customers for the last few years.

At Soléo Organics we have gone out of our way to create a natural sunscreen that provides a high standard of protection, while also nourishing, and hydrating your skin. With this protection we hope to reduce skin cancer rates and save lives across Australia and the world. This while reducing the environmental impact of the thousands of tonnes of sunscreen that are washed away in the ocean each year. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) has rated all Soléo Organics sunscreens with their highest rating, a number 1, giving them the lowest impact rating, both for the environment and people.


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All Natural, Chemical Free, Sunscreen

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