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Sunscreen for Eczema

Soléo was originally made as sunscreen for eczema and other skin conditions that cause sensitive skin, like psoriasis. It also works to support and fortify your skin with botanical extracts. All our sunscreens are for Eczema, but here we've simplified the information and choices.
Our sunscreens are:

- All Natural & Organic
- Antioxidant Rich
- Hypoallergenic & Extra Sensitive
- Broad Spectrum Protection
- Moisturising
- Cooling

Soleo Organics natural coconut scented sunscreen

Coconut Performance Sunscreen


20 Reviews

Highly water resistant extra sensitive sunscreen. Creamy, and soothing to the skin.

- 100% Natural

- Extra Sensitive

- Creamy Formula

- Very Moisturisring

- Non-Comedogenic

- Rubs in Clear

- Water Resistant Barrier

- Naturally Coconut Scented


Soleo Organics everyday Extralite natural sunscreen

Everyday Extra-Lite Natural Sunscreen


36 Reviews

All natural sun protection with cooling, skin supporting botanical extracts.

- 100% Natural

- Extra Sensitive

- Light Formula

- Lightly Moisturising

- Non-Comedogenic

- Rubs in Clear

- Cooling to the Skin


Soleo Organics natural face moisturising sunscreen

Natural Face Moisturising Sunscreen


15 Reviews

All natural, sunscreen and moisturiser in one. Formulated for the face with anti-aging oils.

- 100% Natural

- Extra Sensitive

- Extremely Light Formula

- Moisturising

- Highly Non-Comedogenic

- Rubs in Clear

- Anti-aging Oils

Young lady with nice skin holding up a leaf

Sunscreen for Eczema that

Naturally Supports Your Skin

- All Natural & Organic
- Extra Sensitive
- Antioxidant Rich
- Great for Babies too

We've chosen every ingredient to soothe the skin instead of irritating it. Our ingredients are full of antioxidants to nourish and naturally support the skin. All our sunscreens are completely free from chemical UV-absorbers, chemical preservatives, titanium dioxide, parabens, synthetic fragrances & colours, petrochemicals, PABA, SLS, benzoates, mineral oils and synthetic by-products.


Sunscreens that help with Skin Conditions

Moisturising and Soothing to the Skin

- Naturally Moisturising
- Cooling on the Skin
- Non-Comedogenic
- Rubs in Clear

Our sunscreen for eczema is formulated to moisturise irritated skin, and naturally provide a cooling effect using ingredients like aloe vera and cucumber extract.

Young children grouped up with arms around each other looking down at the camera
Young women with sunscreen on their arms at the beach

Biodegradable, Recyclable, Reef Safe

People-Friendly, Planet Friendly

- Biodegradable
- Recyclable Packaging
- Reef Safe & Ocean Friendly
- Cruelty Free

Soléo does more than just protect you, its formulated to protect the environment too. It's biodegradable, recyclable and reef safe. It's also cruelty free and most of our sunscreens are vegan.


Broad Spectrum Protection

An image showing the difference in impact of UVA and UVB rays.

Sharing Australian Innovation

Australian Made to the Highest Standards

- Australian Made
- Exceeding Australian Standards
- Shipped Globally

With some of the highest UV indicies in the world, Australia is the perfect place to develop solutions for every individual. Developed to withstand the harsh Australian sun, we manufacture exclusively in Australia, and ship our sunscreen right across the world.

Australian family playing cricket on the beach.


The Ideal Sunscreen for Eczema Sufferers

Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) is a painful and often debilitating condition. It's frequently exacerbated by the most mundane things and can be extremely frustrating. Triggers vary in nature or sometimes don't seem to exist at all. Managing eczema can become a full time chore, and unfortunately it can make it very difficult to stay sun safe. 

Fortunately sunscreen for eczema and extra sensitive skin is exactly what we set out to achieve, when we formulated Soléo Organics sunscreen. Since we first released our sunscreen, it has become extremely popular with people with skin conditions, especially as a moisturising sunscreen for Eczema and Dermatitis. Not just adults either, but also children and babies.

Why is it so popular as Sunscreen for Eczema and Dermatitis sufferers?

To understand this we need to look a bit closer at the most common triggers, and recommendations on managing Eczema.
The most common triggers for eczema include: exposure to chemicals, artificial fragrances, or preservatives (often in skincare or haircare products); the skin being dried out by the use of soap or alcohol based sanitisers; and heat.

What are some of the things that are recommended to manage eczema? Remove exposure to these triggers, moisturise the skin, keep cool, etc
Because we wanted our sunscreen to be the perfect sunscreen for eczema, sensitive skin and other skin conditions we formulated it to work for each of these!

To start with Soléo is 100% natural and we advertise our entire ingredients list where many others don't. We use no artificial fragrances or synthetic ingredients of any kind. We are free from the common chemicals used in sunscreens and use only natural extracts, while still offering products that feel and smell good. Where preservatives are concerned, we've spent over 20 years developing natural products, and instead of preservatives, we use natural extracts to synergistically preserve the sunscreen.

Moisturisation & Emollients
Our sunscreens all use herbal extracts and oils to moisturise the skin. These include ingredients like cucumber extract, aloe vera and jojoba oil. Many of our ingredients also contain emollient properties, helping even more to protect eczema prone skin from drying out. As the sun dries out the skin anyway, what better way than to combine our sunscreen for eczema sufferers with moisturisation. That way it benefits everyone!

Did you know that UV absorbers convert the ultraviolet radiation from the sun into heat? No wonder many eczema sufferers struggle to find a sunscreen that doesn’t make things worse. Fortunately we use a physical reflector in or sunscreen, rather than a UV absorber. Zinc Oxide works to diffuse the UV radiation rather than convert it to heat. A number of our botanical extracts also work to cool the skin, for example aloe vera, and cucumber extract are both very good at this.

Please note, Soléo Organics sunscreen does not claim to cure treat or cure eczema. However it has become immensely popular among those with eczema and other skin conditions, because it's such an ideal choice. Don't let eczema keep you from staying sun safe.



  • Is your sunscreen ok for my baby with eczema?

    • Yes. It's not just sunscreen for eczema, we formulated Soléo for use on babies, pregnant women, even extra sensitive skin, basically everyone we could imagine. It's just as supporting to the skin of a baby as it is to the skin of an adult, with or without eczema. However we would suggest using our high performance sunscreen, as this sunscreen has the lowest number of ingredients and has better moisturising action due to it's creamy texture.

  • Which sunscreen do you recommend for those with eczema?

    • We formulated all our sunscreen for eczema sufferers. However we have listed on this page an even more careful selection. If the sunscreen you wanted to try isn't listed here, you don't need to concern yourself. Those with more severe skin conditions may prefer to lean towards the listed ones though.

      If you are particularly concerned about your eczema, we'd suggest you try our high performance or high performance coconut sunscreen first. It has a thicker and creamier texture than the others, but provides a heavier moisturising action, and has fewer ingredients total, which lowers the risk of some kind of unknown allergic reaction to one of the plant extracts (although that is incredibly rare).

  • What are the risks of not using sunscreen for eczema?

    • There are several risks to skipping sunscreen due to your eczema.

      1. Sun Burn
      Sunburn isn't just painful. It damages your skin, increases the rate of photo-aging and increases risk of skin cancer. Irritation from the sunburn and damage, also generally makes eczema flare up.

      2. Flare Ups
      Exposure to the sun tends to dry out the skin. Even without getting burnt you can expect to have your eczema flare up a bit.

      3. Reactions
      Using sunscreen, but not a sunscreen made specifically for eczema or extra sensitive skin, can cause flare ups. Ingredients used in sunscreen for eczema are carefully chosen to avoid causing flare ups and irritation. By using a sunscreen for eczema you reduce the chance of having problems significantly.

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