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Everyday Extra-Lite Natural Sunscreen (Coconut)

"I love Soléo organic’s lite Coconut sunscreen. It really does feel lite on my skin while provide good protection and it smells good!" - Briley V

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Size: 80g (2.8oz)

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100% Natural
Rubs in clear, non-whitening
All Natural Fragrance, Hypoallergenic
Broad Spectrum Protection

Soléo Organics natural everyday sunscreen is the extra light formula of the original Soléo natural sunscreen. Formulated for everyday use this natural sunscreen absorbs quickly, is non-oily and non-greasy. Its thin formula doesn’t leave a shiny residue, and it’s safe for all ages including pregnant women and babies. This version of the extra-lite natural sunscreen is coconut scented naturally.

Soléo’s natural everyday sunscreen protects against both UVA rays (skin aging and wrinkling) and UVB rays (burning), while most everyday sunscreens only protect against UVB rays.
Formulated to be 100% natural, with no synthetic preservatives or non-natural ingredients, it uses micronized zinc rather than the nano zinc. It's also fortified with botanical extracts to soothe and improve your skin.

Our natural everyday sunscreen is hypoallergenic, cruelty free, ocean, freshwater and reef safe, comes in recyclable packaging and is totally biodegradable.
A beneficial side effect of the natural formulation is that it also acts as a natural moisturiser and can be used daily.

Current Expiry: 04 / 2024


      • Naturally Coconut Scented (See Unscented Version)
      • Ultra Light Fast Absorbing
      • SPF30 Protection (Why not SPF50?)
      • Broad Spectrum UVA (Skin Aging) & UVB (Skin Burning) Protection
      • All Natural
      • Hypoallergenic
      • Rubs in Clear
      • Ocean Safe & Reef Friendly
      • Biodegradable Formula
      • Recyclable Packging
      • Australian Made
      • Cruelty Free

    • Cucumber slices on a white background

      Cucumber Extract

      Obtained from Cucumus sativus, an excellent skin-soother and skin-conditioning ingredient.

      Aloe vera on a white background

      Aloe Vera

      Helps prevent radiation induced skin damage, it is also astringent, soothing, moisturising, and contains vitamin A, C, E (all excellent for maintaining good skin health).

      Raspberry with their leaves


      Raspberry has many soothing properties and significant level of antioxidants. It also contains large amounts of Vitamins A and E. It creates a lipid barrier that stops the skin from losing its natural moisture.

      Papaya fruit on a white background


      Effectively soothing and the active enzyme papain boosts the skin health and strengthens the skins natural barrier.

      Jojoba seeds with their leaves

      Jojoba Oil

      Rich in triglycerides and is therefore a really good moisturizer, and stimulates collagen production, Anti-Aging Properties, soothes the skin.

      Rosehip next to a small bottle

      Rosehip Oil

      Vitamin E, high in antioxidants. It also maintains elasticity of skin.

      Bottle with green leaves.

      Safflower Oil

      A valuable antioxidant and anti aging ingredient, high in a number of polyphenols which inhibit the activity of enzymes involved in degradation of skin proteins like collagen and elastin.

      Coconuts on a white background with their leaves

      Coconut Extract

      This sunscreen is naturally scented using coconut essence to provide the a smooth traditional coconut scent, free of artifical fragrances.

      Zinc Oxide in a Clear Bowl

      Zinc Oxide

      We use a special form of “micronised” zinc oxide, which means unlike common zinc, it becomes transparent when applied to the skin. Zinc oxide is a preferred sunscreen active because it is a very stable UV-reflector. It allows us to produce very high protection, cosmetically acceptable sun care products that won’t leave your skin white.


    • All our products are all natural, and have received #1 ratings by the EWG who rate products based on their ingredients using almost 60 toxicity, regulatory and study databases. We support transparency of ingredients, and include the scientific names so you can look them up yourselves.

      Aqua (Purified Water), Zinc oxide (Micronised), Isoamyl laurate(From Coconut), Caprylic/capric triglyceride(From Coconut & Vegetables), Sorbitan stearate(From Vegetables), Cetearyl alcohol(From Coconut), Caprylyl glycol(From Coconut), Hydroxypropyl starch phosphate(From Plants), Glyceryl stearate(From Vegetables), Xanthan gum, Citric Acid(From Fruit), Simmondsia chinensis(Jojoba) seed oil, Cetearyl glucoside(From Vegetables), Polyhydroxystearic acid(From Castor Oil), Cocos nucifera(Coconut) fruit extract, Sucrose cocoate(From Coconut), Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) leaf juice, Rubus idaeus (Red Raspberry) seed oil, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, Rosa canina (Rosehip) seed oil, Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) seed oil, Cucumis sativus (Cucumber) fruit extract, Carica papaya (Pawpaw) fruit extract

      We don't use any Genetically Modified Ingredients.
      Our sunscreens are dairy and peanut free, but do use other nut oils.

    • 1. Squeeze and shake tube to mix well and then squeeze a small amount into your palm.
    • 2. Apply liberally 20 minutes before sun exposure and as needed.

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      We also offer 60 day returns (from delivery date). Returns for defects or damaged products are free. Returns for a change of mind will be charged for shipping.

      Please note: for hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns for opened products, unless defective.

      See our return & refund policy.

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Mum & Daughter in the sun together.


Everyday Use

Soléo's Everyday Extra-Lite Natural Sunscreen is formulated for everyday use. Designed as non-comedogenic, it doesn't clog the skins pores, and provides a high level of broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, SPF30 protection.

Non-Oily & Non-Greasy

This sunscreen is formulated for everyday use, it absorbs into the skin, non-greasy and non-oily, with no residue left behind and is non-comedogenic.

Fast Absorbing

This sunscreen is very light and absorbs very quickly. Unscented, it's intended as an everyday use sunscreen, and it works under makeup.

For Every Application

This sunscreen is for the whole family, including baby. It offers a huge range of versatility of application, and is just as suitable for backyard sport as under makeup. However where water resistance is required, we recommend our high performance water resistant sunscreen

Friends in the sun at the beach.


All Natural & Organic

Formulated according to Naturopathic principles, using only organic and natural ingredients, totally free of synthetic chemicals.

Free of Chemical Preservatives

Completely free from chemical UV-absorbers, chemical preservatives, titanium dioxide, parabens, synthetic fragrances & colours, nanoparticles, petrochemicals, PABA, SLS, benzoates, mineral oils, and synthetic by-products. Our fragrance is natural and comes from coconut essence. It is normally best to use unscented sunscreen on babies, see our suggested sunscreens for babies.

Packed with Antioxidants and Botanical Extracts

Soléo Organic sunscreens are packed with botanical extracts high in antioxidants and fortified with natural oils which nourish the skin naturally.

Cutting Edge, Broad Spectrum

All our sunscreens, including our Everyday sunscreens, are very high protection SPF30 (why not SPF50?) and broad spectrum, protecting from both UVB rays (sun burn) and UVA rays (aging).

For Every Skin Type

Formulated as a low-irritation, hypoallergenic formula, Soléo's natural everyday sunscreen is ideal for the entire family. For the most sensitive skin we recommend without the fragrance even though its natural, just in case.

Rubs in Clear

Soléo Organics sunscreens use a proprietary zinc formula designed to rub in clear in the skin.

Dad pushing family in a wheelbarrow through a vineyard.


Recyclable and Biodegradable

With any everyday product, protection of the environment is paramount. Our sunscreens are biodegradable and all our packaging and tubes 100% recyclable.

Formulated for Everyone

We want our sunscreens to benefit the environment as much as they benefit people. We use micronised zinc instead of nano zinc and have ensured that it is hypoallergenic and suitable for anyone to use on an everyday basis, even pregnant women, babies and those with ultra sensitive skin.

Reef Friendly

Protection of our natural coral reefs, ocean and plant life is vitally important, our everyday sunscreen is reef safe and conforms to the Hawaii Reef Compliant Act.

Cruelty Free

All Soléo Organics products are cruelty free, no testing is done on animals and we hold ourselves to the highest standards.


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Jayme R.
New Zealand

Wonderful organic sunscreen!

We love the coconut sunscreens from Soleo Organics! I use the lighter one for less time in the sun and the thicker one for beach days. Does the job without a long list of undesirable chemicals. Great sunscreen for the whole family including a 3 year old and 6 year old. Thank you!

Guest C.
Australia Australia

Coconut lite

It’s good but we need a 500g bottle or pump bottle.


Soleo Organics Sunscreen

Hi, Thankyou for your feedback! We're really glad to hear you like our sunscreen!

United States United States

Clean, simple, and strong

I'm really impressed by how smooth and clean this lotion goes on and feels on my face. It's a nice, natural coconut scent (I'm sensitive to perfumes), and I know it works well because I have spent hours running in the sun and my face not showing it.


Soleo Organics Sunscreen

Hi Kelli, thank you! We love how smooth it is too! We're so glad to hear about you enjoying it.

Tiffany F.
Australia Australia

Totally recommend!

Best natural sunscreen I’ve found for my family and I’ve tried a few different brands! Doesn’t feel thick on your skin when it’s applied. Will continue to purchase more.


Soleo Organics Sunscreen

Hi Tiffany, thanks for your feedback! We're happy to hear you are enjoying your Soléo!

Briley V.
United States United States


I love soléo organic’a lite Coconut sunscreen. It really does feel lite on my skin while provide good protection and it smells good!


Soleo Organics Sunscreen

Thanks for the feedback! So happy to hear you are enjoying your sunscreen!


  • Is it ok to use sunscreen everyday?

    • Yes! In fact it is highly recommended to use sunscreen everyday. The Cancer Council suggests wearing sunscreen even in the colder seasons when the UV index is 3 or higher. Up to 80% of UV rays can penetrate through cloud cover, so it is best to stay protected at all times. Including sunscreen in your morning routine is a great start!
  • What does wearing sunscreen everyday do?

    • Wearing sunscreen everyday will protect your skin from UV damage. It will help prevent sunburn, premature aging of the skin, and will lower your risk of getting skin cancer. Sunscreen will also help you to maintain an even and smooth skin tone and prevent discoloration.
  • Do babies need sunscreen everyday?

    • If your child is younger than 6 months, sunscreen isn't recommended. When its not possible to keep your baby out of the sun, shade, clothing, and hats are the most important ways to provide protection on a daily basis.
      If your child is above the age of 6 months using sunscreen is recommended. To avoid irritation to your babies skin and eyes, use a sunscreen that contains Zinc Oxide, and most importantly always check the ingredients. Same rules apply, pick a broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum of SPF30 and reapply every 2 hours. Our everyday sunscreen is more than suitable.
  • Is it Suitable to Use on Babies?

    • Soléo Organics is free of all chemical UV-absorbers, synthetic preservatives, petroleum by-products, fragrances or essential oils; so is ideal for sensitive skin and has no specific restrictions on use at any age. Of course, it is always best to keep babies out of the sun as much as possible and it is generally recommended to check with your doctor regarding any new products for babies under 6 months old. However, for times when that isn’t possible, we feel our sunscreen is suitable for your whole family. We also just recommend for the first time you use it to try a test patch on your baby – this is good to do with any new product that you use on your baby, just to be cautious. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has ranked Soléo Organic All Natural Sunscreen as the #1 sunscreen for all ages.
  • Does wearing sunscreen everyday prevent wrinkles, and aging?

    • Yes it is true! Using sunscreen everyday helps slow down the skins aging process. UV exposure destroys collagen and connective tissue beneath the top layer of skin, which results in premature aging of the skin. Including a sunscreen in your morning skin care routine can help prevent those fine lines and wrinkles appearing before their time.
  • Does wearing sunscreen everyday prevent acne?

    • Sunscreen does not necessarily prevent you from getting acne, but it can help improve your skin health and prevent any further damage, like darkening of the skin or acne scars. If you have acne prone skin it is important to pay attention to the ingredients of the products you use on your skin. Choosing a sunscreen with Zinc Oxide can be beneficial as it has anti-inflammatory properties and are known to help reduce redness.
  • How do you remove sunscreen?

    • To remove a heavy product such as a physical sunscreen or makeup containing sunscreen, you need a cleanser that breaks down heavy formulas effectively. Oil cleansers are ideal for this use. You will then want to go in with a second cleanser preferably a foam, liquid, cream, or gel. This cleanser will remove and ensure there is no more additional makeup or sunscreen residue leftover. Our sunscreen is quite light and can be washed off with water.

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