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    Mineral sunscreens are an excellent way to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. However, one of the most common issues with mineral sunscreens is that they can leave a white cast on the skin. 

    Watch our video for a summary or read below for an in-depth explanation.

    Why does it leave a white cast?

    Mineral sunscreens use minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to diffuse the sun's rays, instead of converting them to heat like chemical sunscreens. The white cast tends to come from particles of these minerals that either, clumped up (streaks) or from particles that haven't been absorbed fully into the skin for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, we formulated Soléo Organics to avoid these issues, but if you use a different sunscreen we've got some tips for you!

    7 Hacks to Avoid a White Cast From Sunscreen

    If you're struggling with this issue, here are some tips to help ensure your mineral sunscreen goes on smoothly and doesn't leave a noticeable white cast.

    1. Moisturize First

    Moisturizing before applying sunscreen is especially important for those with a higher melanin content in their skin (darker skin). But it's also a great step for everyone. 

    Some sunscreens that are not made to moisturise can be more difficult to apply smoothly. So moisturizing before applying the sunscreen helps it glide on smoothly and helps avoid a white cast.

    Top tip, try a moisturizing sunscreen!

    2. Try Patting the Sunscreen Instead of Rubbing It In

    This can vary per product, but if you're struggling to avoid the white cast, then try patting the sunscreen into the skin instead of rubbing it in. The instinct can be to get the correct amount and rub it until it disappears. However rubbing can actually cause uneven application, and frequently causes streaks and a noticeable white cast.

    Instead, pat the sunscreen onto your skin gently. This helps to ensure even coverage and avoid the white cast.

    Some people suggest using a makeup brush, puff or sponge to apply the sunscreen.

    3. Use Dots to Layer It, Not Two Fingers

    Using too little sunscreen can increase the risk of sunburn and other sun-related skin issues (Applying half of the recommended amount of SPF 50 results in SPF 7 protection, learn about spf values).

    However, using too much sunscreen can also lead to a white cast.

    To get the perfect balance, apply the sunscreen in dots and dabs to form layers, instead of smearing it.

    By applying a little at a time, in dots and dabs, you apply it much more evenly, avoid streaks and will find it much easier to apply the correct amount while avoiding a white cast.

    4. Choose a Sunscreen That Uses Zinc Oxide

    If you can't find a sunscreen that's specifically made to avoid a white cast, choose a sunscreen that uses zinc oxide instead of titanium dioxide.

    Zinc oxide sunscreens are more likely to avoid a white cast on the skin compared to titanium dioxide, which reflects more visible light and can be more visible on the skin.

    5. Wait for it to Absorb

    Mineral sunscreens can take a few minutes to absorb fully into the skin.

    To avoid a white cast, make sure you wait an adequate amount of time after applying the sunscreen before putting on makeup or going out in the sun. This allows the product to fully absorb and reduces any white cast.

    6. Heat it in Your Hands

    Sometimes sunscreens can be heavier and have a higher oil content.

    For these sunscreens, it is often a good idea to rub it around in your hand first before applying. This heats up the oils in your hands and makes them smoother and easier to rub over yourself.

    7. Choose a Sunscreen That's Made Not to Leave a White Cast

    The last thing to do is to look for one that's specifically made to avoid leaving a white cast on the skin.

    Soléo's natural face sunscreen or everyday sunscreen are excellent options.

    They're both made with natural and organic ingredients, they use natural oils to moisturize the skin, and are specifically designed to provide broad-spectrum protection without leaving a white cast.

    What we don't recommend

    Mixing Sunscreen

    Some people advise mixing the sunscreen formula with foundation or makeup to avoid the white cast. This is a definite no-no.

    Sunscreen is formulated to provide a specific level of protection, and diluting it with other products can affect its effectiveness. Additionally, mixing sunscreen with other products can alter its texture and consistency, which can make it difficult to apply evenly and can result in missed spots.

    To ensure that you are getting the best protection from your sunscreen, it is recommended that you apply it alone and as directed on clean skin, and avoid mixing it with other products.

    Spray on Sunscreen

    Finally, some people recommend a spray-on sunscreen, to avoid any white cast. However, sunscreen sprays can be less reliable than sunscreen creams if not applied correctly.

    It's important to apply enough sunscreen to your skin for adequate protection, and with spray-on sunscreens, it can be difficult to ensure that you're applying enough product.

    Additionally, spray-on sunscreens can be more easily affected by wind or movement, which can result in uneven coverage and missed spots. A study by the University of Queensland in Australia showed that to achieve an adequate dosage, these sunscreens needed to be used for between 63 and 98 seconds. That gave each can approximately enough sunscreen for 3 uses.

    Furthermore, inhaling spray-on sunscreens can be harmful if the ingredients are inhaled in large quantities. It's important to use spray-on sunscreens in a well-ventilated area and to avoid spraying them directly onto your face or near your eyes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What about tinted sunscreen?

    Tinted sunscreen can definitely solve the issue of a white cast. However it should be used carefully for a couple of different reasons. To begin with, unless the tint is chosen carefully, to match your skin colour, it can become quite obvious that you are wearing it.

    Secondly, if the colour is chosen carefully and correctly, it can then be difficult to tell if you've missed a spot. After all the whole idea is to protect yourself from the sun.

    Why doesn't Soléo Organics leave a white cast?

    Soléo tackles these area's head on.

    The Everyday sunscreen and the Face Moisturising sunscreen are both extremely light and fast absorbing, so you don't end up waiting for ten minutes for the sunscreen to absorb.

    To help with even application, both use botanical extracts like Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Raspberry Oil, to moisturise the skin, and apply evenly across the skin, to help prevent streaking.

    We don't use Titanium Dioxide, instead opting for our proprietary micronised zinc formulation, in precise quantities to offer SPF30+ Protection (Why we don't use SPF 50). This allows us to reduce any white cast through both the zinc itself and the quantity working synergistically with our other ingredients.

    In conclusion, mineral sunscreens are an excellent choice for protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays. However, they can leave a white cast if not applied correctly. By following these hacks, you can ensure that your natural sunscreen goes on smoothly and avoids a white cast, so you can enjoy the sun safely and confidently.

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