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Leo Fung in a lab coat

Leo Fung

Leo Fung is the founder and developer of Soléo Organics sunscreens. He has a passion for improving the health and wellness of people across the globe, both with his products and by increasing awareness on prevalent issues.

Education: Diploma of Applied Science

Expertise: Natural & Organic Products Research & Development, Global Therapeutic Goods Regulations.


Leo attained a diploma in Applied Sciences, specialising in naturopathy. He furthered his knowledge over the next 20 years in research and development.


Leo has over 20 years of experience in the research and development of natural products. His experience covers a wide variety of areas across formulation, development, production and marketing of natural sunscreens, skincare and cleaning products.

He also has a great deal of experience in successfully dealing with regulating bodies like the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia, the FDA in the United States, and Health Canada.



Leo Fung's Recent Articles

Reef Safe Sunscreen – The 2023 Guide

Reef Safe Sunscreen – The 2023 Guide

Posted by Leo Fung on

Did you know that it’s estimated over 14,000 tons1 of sunscreen enter waterways worldwide every year, both from wastewater runoff and normal sunscreen use. But what is it? Why should you use it? And how do we know it helps the environment?

Young Lady Putting Sunscreen on Boyfriend

Non Greasy Sunscreen - Why, How, & Top Picks

Posted by Leo Fung on

Most sunscreen is greasy, how do you choose a sunscreen that isn't? Here we break down everything you need to know about non-greasy sunscreen, what it's good for, how to find it, and our favourites.

A young woman choosing between multiple types of sunscreen.

Our Guide to Different Types of Sunscreen

Posted by Leo Fung on

In this article, we explain what are the different types of sunscreen are, especially when referring to chemical or natural, and how you can recognize the difference between these types.

A Woman Choosing a Sunscreen in the Chemist

How to Choose a Natural Sunscreen - Worldwide

Posted by Leo Fung on

How do you choose a natural sunscreen? There are so many options and so many claims. Read on to see what's most important, and what you should watch out for.

woman in sunglasses examining rows and rows of sunscreen

How to Choose Sunscreen for Dermatitis - The 2023 Guide

Posted by Leo Fung on

Generally speaking, dermatitis sufferers require more protection for their skin, both to prevent long-term damage, premature aging (photoaging), and to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation caused by flare-ups. Learn how to choose the right sunscreen to both protect and support your skin all year around.

Lady at the beach with white sunscreen on her face

7 Hacks to Avoid a White Cast after Applying Sunscreen in 2023

Posted by Leo Fung on

One of the most common issues with other mineral sunscreens (in case you're not using Soléo) is that they can leave a white cast on the skin. If you're struggling with this issue, here are some tips to help ensure your mineral sunscreen goes on smoothly and doesn't leave a noticeable white cast.

Babies and the Beach: 8 Things to look for When Choosing a Natural Sunscreen for Your Little One

Babies and the Beach: 8 Things to look for When Choosing a Natural Sunscreen for Your Little One

Posted by Nathan Wheat on

“She fought valiantly, wielding the umbrella with expert precision, desperately trying to shield her children from the sun's relentless assault. But the sun was strong, and the umbrella, though mighty, was but a mere mortal weapon in the face of its power…”

Soleo Organics being applied to a young child at the beach

15 Tips on Making Sunscreen Fun

Posted by Leo Fung on

Do your kids squirm when you try to put sunscreen on them?I know… a stupid question right? Not only does all the squirming make the job harder, but it can be easy to miss patches...

Sunglasses laid on beach sand

Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation and Your Skin

Posted by Leo Fung on

UV Radiation comes in several different forms, each form different with a different effect on our bodies. Some of these effects are beneficial and some are dangerous...

Girl holding Soléo sunscreen on a beach.

SPF's Meaning - The Ultimate Guide to SPF Ratings

Posted by Leo Fung on

SPF is often associated with the level of protection that the sunscreen offers. While this is partially true, SPF is actually considered an unreliable method of measuring a sunscreen's effectiveness...


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